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Berlin, Germany
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Reaching the Unix Philosophy’s Logical Extreme With WebAssembly

11:15 on 6/28

Programming has become more and more complicated as more languages and toolchains have been introduced. Sometimes you need to integrate with a library written in another language and this is fraught with peril. In this talk, Xe will propose a better way of handling these foreign dependencies so that you can focus more on writing your services: compiling that third party library to WebAssembly and then invoking it every time you want to use that feature. Xe will also cover the performance differences and the toolchain simplicity that such an approach provides. This lets you end up with static binaries like every other Go program so that you can focus more on shipping your code and less on making sure that custom dynamic libraries are installed, memory-safe, and correct. Along the way Xe will explain the UNIX philosophy and how doing this lets you take it to its logical extreme in ways that can permanently transform how you understand composing things together.