Tailscale Up

A conference for you to learn how others are using Tailscale at home and forge lasting connections in the community.

Our first-ever, in-person conference!
On May 31st Tailscale Up will be Tailscale's first-ever in-person conference for the Tailscale community. Providing attendees the opportunity to meet with the tailscalars and each other, talk about their projects and integrations, and leave connected and inspired. A single track will be comprised of community speakers.
To stay updated on the latest developments and announcements about Tailscale Up, check back regularly or follow our Twitter and our Fediverse account. You won't want to miss out on this unique opportunity to meet and learn from others in the Tailscale community as well as Tailscale team members.
Featured speakers
Headshot of Amye Scavarda Perrin
Your family needs Tailscale
With the power of Tailscale and Pi-hole combined, you too can have your household internet free of pesky popups, attention grabbers and possibly misleading claims to have won an iPhone.
Amye Scavarda Perrin
Director of Developer Programs @ CNCF
Headshot of Justin Garrison
Build your own game streaming service
Streaming games from the cloud is great, but how can you get the same flexibility with existing hardware? Using Tailscale with Steam we can game from anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Justin Garrison
Developer Advocate @ AWS
Headshot of Emily Trau
All the buttons
What kind of user experiences can you build if you use every trick in the Tailscale book - features that are old, new, and even unreleased? We built a hacking attack/defense simulation platform, and want to show you what's possible when you commit Tailscale crimes.
Emily Trau
Security Researcher
Headshot of Corey Quinn
The managed NAT gateway time machine
Via the magic of Tailscale, the presenter will do the (financially) impossible: pass traffic through two AWS Managed NAT Gateways. This in turn creates a vortex that is so phenomenally expensive that it warps the very fabric of space and time. That vortex will then be used to take the audience on a living tour of the history of crappy VPNs, hilariously bad multicloud networking attempts, and bear living witness to the actual moment Cisco set off down its path to become a sad corporate dragon with no friends.
Corey Quinn
Chief Cloud Economist @ The Duckbill Group
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  • Check in & breakfast

  • Welcome & Introduction


  • The subtle magic of embedding Tailscale into your services

    Xe Iaso

  • Build your own game streaming service

    Justin Garrison

  • Adding out of band resilience to an ISP network

    Moritz Frenzel

  • Break

  • Tailscale Self-Hosted Remote Cloud Gaming

    Seaver Thorn

  • Your Family Needs Tailscale

    Amye Scavarda Perrin

  • All the buttons

    Emily Trau

  • Lunch and hang

  • Lightning round... Ding ding ding

  • Opportunity, connectivity and Tailscale

    David Rio Deiros

  • Tailscale as a Networking Layer for Modern Apps

    Tarun Pothulapati

  • Break

  • Prison break: Free your Kubernetes clusters from firewalls with Tailscale and Pulumi

    Guinevere Sanger & Aaron Friel

  • The Managed NAT Gateway Time Machine

    Corey Quinn

  • Thank you


  • Fiesta! with dinner / bevs

  • Last call

  • Finish

The Venue
DogPatch Studios
An image of DogPatch Studios
Food & Drinks
We are putting a lot of thought into the food and drink that will be served throughout the day. This ain’t no regular conference food. We will announce specifics in the coming weeks but there will be a clean breakfast, a variety of food trucks for lunch, and dinner with craft beer and mocktails at the after-hours social event. And an all day coffee cart, of course.
After Hours
We will stay onsite at Dogpatch to wrap up the conference with craft beer, natural wines, and immaculate vibes. There will be food, board games, graphic novels, and good company.
Getting There
Located just one mile south of the Giants’ ballpark, Dogpatch is easily accessed by bus, train, car, taxi, rideshare, MUNI (T-Line), or even by boat!
Building something that's the peanut butter to Tailscale's chocolate? If you're interested in exploring potential partnership opportunities with us, we invite you to email us at up@tailscale.com. We are open to discussing different options for collaboration and finding creative ways to work together.
Code of Conduct
Promoting a respectful and inclusive environment is a top priority for Tailscale Up. Everyone will be expected to follow our Code of Conduct.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information
At Tailscale Up, we’ll implement the following safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid. We encourage all attendees to wear a mask and will be providing masks at the venue check-in table. We will require a negative test completed on the same day (tests provided to all attendees by mail before the event). Please do not attend if you are exhibiting symptoms.
We offer a full refund if you are unable to attend. These measures will be reviewed and updated to reflect the changing situation and number of cases as we approach the conference date.