Community writings for October 2020

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  • Tailscale is magic; even more so with NixOS Our team has several NixOS fans, excited about bringing reproducible builds to the operating system level. Farid Zakaria wrote an article detailing how to set up Tailscale with NixOS, going beyond our own setup instructions to show how to restrict SSH access to exclusively over Tailscale.
  • How I set Tailscale up on my Wi-Fi router Will Angley writes about how he set up Tailscale on his OpenWRT Wi-Fi router to access it from anywhere without putting it on the public web. Will's post is great, walking you through his own experience dealing with bumps and hiccups to arrive at a working Tailscale installation. Until we make an official OpenWRT package, Will's guide is the best place to go.
  • Making my life easier with Tailscale Pat Regan shares his experience with Tailscale, including a number of interesting uses like remotely connecting to his home automation, OctoPrint 3D printer, and NAS running inside a virtual machine.

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