Community writings for December 2022

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Installing Ubuntu over 17000 KM distance using MAAS, VxLAN and Tailscale Medium user Anton Gisli Smith describes how he spent a lot of time figuring out how to give people an easy and awesome experience, as fast as possible: “Whilst I’ve set up many a WireGuard network (by hand), I wondered if by now there was better tooling. Well, Tailscale is that better tooling. VERY GOOD TOOLING indeed.”

Tailscale... and SSH Over on Zero to Full Stack, Twitter user Zach Silveira writes about Tailscale and SSH, concluding that it’s “super cool for anyone who has a few Linux or other servers lying around.”

Running R remotely Twitter user Matti Vuorre shares a blog post on running R remotely via Tailscale. “It really is quite easy, and that’s why I use Tailscale and not some other SSH or VPN-based solution.”

How can journalists use Tailscale, Larix Broadcaster & OBS for live news [video] YouTube channel Thrifty Broadcasts offers a tutorial on how journalists can use free tools and readily available equipment to remotely contribute audio-visual content to live news.

Tailscale makes networking easy User father.mande shares in the ASUSTOR Community Forum: “APKG for Tailscale — This APKG is for the native version, no Docker, no container, nothing breaking the security you can expect for a VPN.”

How to securely access your Synology NAS from anywhere Harish Jonnalagadda on Android Central lays out why Tailscale is the best way to log in to your Synology NAS from outside your home network.

LMS remote access: Safe, secure, and free with Tailscale Logitech Squeezebox forum member artatgray recommends Tailscale: “After not too much effort, I’m able to access my Logitech Media Server remotely, securely and for free over cellular using a VPN.”

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