Community writings for April 2021

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  • Adding Nomad jobs to a Tailscale network Mark Pashmfouroush wanted to run a personal IRC bouncer—but didn’t really know what to run it on. In this blog, he walks through running his IRC bouncer as a sidecar task in Nomad—all with Tailscale.

  • Tailscale 続報 QNAP で動かす&ACL でアクセス制御する&インターネット接続暗号化 (Tailscale follow-up QNAP-powered & ACL access control & Internet connection encryption) Satoshi Shimizu (whom has been featured in prior newsletters) wrote a follow-up to his explainer on Tailscale for InternetWatch in Japan. He walks through how to run Tailscale on a QNAP NAS, set Access Control Lists (ACLs), and connect to the Internet using via an in-house node with Tailscale 1.6.

  • ngrok like tunnels with Tailscale, a VPS, and Traefik Snorre Magnus Davøen details how to set up his own domain and tunnel to a dev server on their laptop using Tailscale and a reverse proxy. It's a great use case, and an interesting read.

  • A Mesh VPN For Everyone Mat X dreams about backups and storage while he sleeps. He wrote an explainer of how to use Tailscale to connect everything. We liked it so much we're sharing it with you.

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